Rae-Matt Properties is Convenient for Student Tenants

Rae-Matt Properties Apartment in Iowa City
Rae Matt Properties in Iowa City

Location, Location, Location

Rae-Matt Properties has so much to offer the university student.  Location is definitely an added benefit for student tenants.  Our properties are less than a mile away from the University of Iowa, and public transportation is easy to access. 

 In fact, our Harlocke apartments are conveniently located on the Oakcrest Bus Route. This bus route makes it easy to get anywhere in the city! This makes walking commutes very simple and driving commutes even simpler.  

Cost Effective Benefits

Our units have several benefits for student tenants, and a lot of these benefits are cost efficient. For instance, Wi-Fi is 100% free. Tenants can enjoy surfing the web, researching, or watching a streaming service without the need to pay an extra bill. 

Furthermore, Rae-Matt Properties includes a laundry facility in each unit. Tenants can stay home and relax and/or study while doing their laundry. There is no need to worry about finding change for coin operated washers and dryers.  Laundry will take less time at Rae-Matt Properties. Finally, parking is free and highly accessible.  There will be no need to drive around attempting to find a parking spot. 

Privacy and Efficiency

In addition, there is an outdoor space in each unit to have a bit of privacy.First floor units have a walk-out porch and second and third floor units have their own private deck. Clearly, this is an added benefit for anyone looking for some fresh air while doing a bit of work.

And finally, every tenant at Rae-Matt Properties does not have to worry about efficient appliances. A stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and garbage disposal are intact and ready to go on day one! Central air conditioning is also an added bonus for those who like to stay cool during the warmer months.

If you are interested in cost efficiency, location convenience, and parking benefits, Rae-Matt Properties is for you!

9 Reasons to call RaeMatt Properties Apartments your Iowa City Home

9 Reasons to Call RaeMatt Properties Iowa City Apartments Your Home

There are so many reasons to come see our apartments. It’s not even that we are partial to our own properties and love them so much, which we do! It’s because we try to level-up your apartment living experience with extra amenities to make living with us so much better. It’s important to us that you love your home in Iowa City. So here are just a few reasons (9 reasons!) to love us.

So now you know that there are at least 9 reasons to love us, but there is so much more. We’re located in a quiet area and our staff is here to help you whenever you need it. We really are all about you. So whether you are from the Iowa City area, or Coralville, or Tiffin, or you are coming to us from California or somewhere else in the world, we’re here to help and to make you feel at home.

Call us today. We’d love to take you on a personal tour of our area and our apartments. Meet our property manager, Gary. Spend some time with us. Move-in is just about 2 weeks away at the University of Iowa. We can help you make your move-in process a whole lot better because we know that you are coming HOME!

Ready to fill out an application? We can make that easy for you too. Just click here for the application and bring it with you email it to us. If you have questions for us first or want to hear more than just 9 things that are awesome about living with us, we’re here for your call. You can reach us at 319-351-1219 We look forward to hearing from you!

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Rae-Matt Properties Apartment in Iowa City

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If you are looking for apartments near the University of Iowa campus, you have come to the right place. Rae-Matt Properties’ Harlocke Apartments are ideal for professionals and students. Living near campus in Iowa City is the ideal way to be at the center of the excitement that Iowa City has to offer—while also being able to step away from it for studying and relaxing. Read more