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On-Site Maintenance at Rae-Matt

You may be wondering why on-site maintenance at Rae-Matt Properties is so important.  Well, there are numerous things that can go wrong when you are renting out a unit. Let’s think about it. One of the conveniences of renting is NOT having to fix things yourself, and-let’s face it- occasionally appliances, toilets, fans, smoke detectors, etc..start to take a hit over time. Therefore, having on-site maintenance is very important to the average tenant. There is another positive side. Because you are renting, there is no extra charge for maintenance.  So, for instance, if your fridge light goes out, or your dishwasher stops running appropriately, our maintenance team will solve the problem. And better yet, because we have on-site maintenance, a member of our team will come to you!

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Response Time

On-site maintenance can resolve your issues faster. For example, when dealing with refrigeration issues and central air challenges, a response time to problems may be handled more rapidly with in-house maintenance. Here at Rae-Matt Properties, we try to be efficient with response times, particularly with the more inconvenient maintenance issues. For instance, having to take a cold shower may take precedence over a noisy fan, especially in the winter. Ultimately, our on-site maintenance team at Rae-Matt Properties is conveniently located to serve all of our tenants’ needs in a timely fashion. Therefore, we would like to think our response time is efficient for our tenants when they need us the most.

What We Do

Onsite apartment maintenance  involves performing property upkeep, fulfilling work order requests for a repair in a timely manner, and ensuring the well-being of the tenants that rent an apartment on our properties. Furthermore, as a maintenance technician, he or she is responsible for making small and large repairs in resident apartments and throughout the building. For the most part, our maintenance team will do the tasks assigned in order to upkeep any issue at all Rae-Matt Properties.

If you have any questions regarding on-site maintenance, available units, and other excellent amenities at Rae-Matt, please contact us at 319-351-1219 or email us at