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What do renters want? Simply put, they want to rent a unit they feel comfortable with for a decent price. And, if there are more incentives involved, this is definitely a plus. If you are looking for a comfortable unit with some great added incentives, Rae Matt Properties may be the perfect fit for you. In fact, we have free wi-fi services at each of our Iowa City properties.

Why Is Free Wi-fi Important?

According to an in-depth survey conducted by Comcast Communications, over 87% of those surveyed believed that technology plays an important role in keeping tenants satisfied.  In fact, this particular survey was conducted to over 205 building managers, building owners and real estate developers and much of the findings revolved around technological amenities for the tenants. For instance, here are a few of the findings according to the Comcast Survey:

  • 34 percent ranked Wi-Fi access as the most important amenity, followed by high-speed internet (25 percent) and in-room laundry facilities (13 percent)
  • 30 percent believe quality communications services boosts property values by at least 20 percent
  • 89 percent cite technology as an important factor in a renters’ decision to sign or renew a lease
  • 88 percent agree that tenants 18-34 prefer high-tech amenities more than residents 52 and older

Clearly, free wi-fi access is important to current tenants and potential tenants.  Whether Rae-Matt occupants are using their free wi-fi for productivity or personal free time, needing wi-fi services is a must! So, if the wi-fi service is free, this is an even better incentive.


Cost of Wi-Fi

The average cost of wi-fi varies from city to city and company to company. However, the average starting rate for wi-fi in Iowa City is around $49.99/month. Moreover, this starting rate does not include installation fees, deposits, and any extra fees that may apply.  So essentially, Rae- Matt tenants could potentially be saving up $600-$1000 a year! (this is after adding in potential deposits, fees, installation costs, etc…)

Please Contact our office today to find out about our free wi-fi services and other Rae-Matt incentives!