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‘Fall’ Into Maintenance

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On-Site Maintenance at Rae-Matt

You may be wondering why on-site maintenance at Rae-Matt Properties is so important.  Well, there are numerous things that can go wrong when you are renting out a unit. Let’s think about it. One of the conveniences of renting is NOT having to fix things yourself, and-let’s face it- occasionally appliances, toilets, fans, smoke detectors, etc..start to take a hit over time. Therefore, having on-site maintenance is very important to the average tenant. There is another positive side. Because you are renting, there is no extra charge for maintenance.  So, for instance, if your fridge light goes out, or your dishwasher stops running appropriately, our maintenance team will solve the problem. And better yet, because we have on-site maintenance, a member of our team will come to you!

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Response Time

On-site maintenance can resolve your issues faster. For example, when dealing with refrigeration issues and central air challenges, a response time to problems may be handled more rapidly with in-house maintenance. Here at Rae-Matt Properties, we try to be efficient with response times, particularly with the more inconvenient maintenance issues. For instance, having to take a cold shower may take precedence over a noisy fan, especially in the winter. Ultimately, our on-site maintenance team at Rae-Matt Properties is conveniently located to serve all of our tenants’ needs in a timely fashion. Therefore, we would like to think our response time is efficient for our tenants when they need us the most.

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What We Do

Onsite apartment maintenance  involves performing property upkeep, fulfilling work order requests for a repair in a timely manner, and ensuring the well-being of the tenants that rent an apartment on our properties. Furthermore, as a maintenance technician, he or she is responsible for making small and large repairs in resident apartments and throughout the building. For the most part, our maintenance team will do the tasks assigned in order to upkeep any issue at all Rae-Matt Properties.

If you have any questions regarding on-site maintenance, available units, and other excellent amenities at Rae-Matt, please contact us at 319-351-1219 or email us at


6 Perks Of In-Unit Laundry

At Rae-Matt Properties, all of our Iowa City apartments include in-unit laundry. We know having a washer and dryer in your own apartment is a key amenity for student renters. 

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Having a washer and dryer in your apartment unit is a perk offered by Rae-Matt Properties

Our apartments are designed to exceed your expectations. Read about the perks of having in-unit laundry.

1 – No need to save quarters

Our-in unit washers and dryers are normal laundry units like you’d find at home. That means, they’re not coin operated. No more hoarding quarters or having to count change on laundry day. 

At a coin-operated laundry, the average cost of doing a load can range anywhere from $1.50 to $4. At the national average of $2, just doing a single load of laundry once a week for a full year will cost you $104. That’s a lot of quarters.

2 – No need to worry about theft

When laundry is done in a common space like a laundry room or laundromat, theft is a common complaint. Unless you’re attending your laundry at all times, it’s easy for other people to swipe articles of clothing out of the wash.

Even if your clothes aren’t stolen, one common gripe we often hear about communal laundry areas is that laundry is removed from a washer (or more often dryer) before it’s finished so others can use the machine. Ending up with a mound of damp laundry isn’t ideal.

3 – No need to worry about weather

If you’ve ever lugged baskets of laundry through the rain or had to try and navigate icy sidewalks in winter as you make your way to the laundromat, you know weather can be a laundry hindrance. 

With laundry available in your own apartment, there’s no need to check for rain clouds before tossing in a load of laundry. 

4 – No need to transport laundry

Hauling baskets of laundry up and down stairs to a laundry room or trying to fit the baskets into your car before driving to a laundromat is a pain. 

With in-unit laundry offered at all Rae-Matt apartments, you never have to leave your apartment to do your laundry. 

5 – Go ahead and bulk buy detergent

Buying in bulk can save money, but larger containers of detergent are heavy. As a result, when students have to carry laundry to a laundromat or laundry room, they often opt for smaller bottles of detergent to lighten their load. 

However, fiscally prudent college students are always looking for a good deal. With in-unit laundry, there’s no need to fret over the weight of your laundry detergent bottles. You can keep the economy size detergent conveniently located right next to your washer and dryer.

6 – Laundry on your schedule

University of Iowa students are among the best in the world. You have busy schedules and demanding academic loads. The ability to do a load of laundry when it’s convenient for you is a huge deal.

Need to start a load of laundry before you go to bed? Go for it. Want to toss dirty kitchen towels into the washing machine after dinner? Why not? Your in-unit laundry means you control when you do the laundry. You’re able to fit laundry into your busy schedule and not have to worry about adjusting your schedule to find time to get to the laundry room.

In-unit laundry included with all Rae-Matt apartments

At Rae-Matt Properties, in-unit laundry is just one of the many amenities we offer. Other perks to living in a Rae-Matt apartment include free high-speed WiFi, private outdoor areas, gas fireplaces, onsite maintenance, and more. We offer in-person or virtual FaceTime tours, and we’d love to show you why our apartments should be your next home. Contact us today!

Rae-Matt Properties is Convenient for Student Tenants

Rae-Matt Properties Apartment in Iowa City
Rae Matt Properties in Iowa City

Location, Location, Location

Rae-Matt Properties has so much to offer the university student.  Location is definitely an added benefit for student tenants.  Our properties are less than a mile away from the University of Iowa, and public transportation is easy to access. 

 In fact, our Harlocke apartments are conveniently located on the Oakcrest Bus Route. This bus route makes it easy to get anywhere in the city! This makes walking commutes very simple and driving commutes even simpler.  

Cost Effective Benefits

Our units have several benefits for student tenants, and a lot of these benefits are cost efficient. For instance, Wi-Fi is 100% free. Tenants can enjoy surfing the web, researching, or watching a streaming service without the need to pay an extra bill. 

Furthermore, Rae-Matt Properties includes a laundry facility in each unit. Tenants can stay home and relax and/or study while doing their laundry. There is no need to worry about finding change for coin operated washers and dryers.  Laundry will take less time at Rae-Matt Properties. Finally, parking is free and highly accessible.  There will be no need to drive around attempting to find a parking spot. 

Privacy and Efficiency

In addition, there is an outdoor space in each unit to have a bit of privacy.First floor units have a walk-out porch and second and third floor units have their own private deck. Clearly, this is an added benefit for anyone looking for some fresh air while doing a bit of work.

And finally, every tenant at Rae-Matt Properties does not have to worry about efficient appliances. A stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and garbage disposal are intact and ready to go on day one! Central air conditioning is also an added bonus for those who like to stay cool during the warmer months.

If you are interested in cost efficiency, location convenience, and parking benefits, Rae-Matt Properties is for you!

9 Reasons to call RaeMatt Properties Apartments your Iowa City Home

9 Reasons to Call RaeMatt Properties Iowa City Apartments Your Home

There are so many reasons to come see our apartments. It’s not even that we are partial to our own properties and love them so much, which we do! It’s because we try to level-up your apartment living experience with extra amenities to make living with us so much better. It’s important to us that you love your home in Iowa City. So here are just a few reasons (9 reasons!) to love us.

So now you know that there are at least 9 reasons to love us, but there is so much more. We’re located in a quiet area and our staff is here to help you whenever you need it. We really are all about you. So whether you are from the Iowa City area, or Coralville, or Tiffin, or you are coming to us from California or somewhere else in the world, we’re here to help and to make you feel at home.

Call us today. We’d love to take you on a personal tour of our area and our apartments. Meet our property manager, Gary. Spend some time with us. Move-in is just about 2 weeks away at the University of Iowa. We can help you make your move-in process a whole lot better because we know that you are coming HOME!

Ready to fill out an application? We can make that easy for you too. Just click here for the application and bring it with you email it to us. If you have questions for us first or want to hear more than just 9 things that are awesome about living with us, we’re here for your call. You can reach us at 319-351-1219 We look forward to hearing from you!

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Rae-Matt Properties Apartment in Iowa City

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If you are looking for apartments near the University of Iowa campus, you have come to the right place. Rae-Matt Properties’ Harlocke Apartments are ideal for professionals and students. Living near campus in Iowa City is the ideal way to be at the center of the excitement that Iowa City has to offer—while also being able to step away from it for studying and relaxing. Read more